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Sacred Prayer Pipe


Sacred Prayer Pipe

The Prayer Pipe is one of the most sacred rites to indigenous people. It is a Ceremonial Pipe used personally and for community prayer. The Pipe is a bridge between self and Great Spirit.

The Pipe Ceremony is always done with the utmost respect. When it is done with the Medicine Wheel, it consecrates the wheel in sacred space. The Pipe represents the universe to Native People. It is an altar that they take with them wherever they go. The bowl represents the Earth Mother and honors the feminine  powers of the universe. It also represents the elemental kingdom. The stem honors the masculine powers of the universe, and the plant kingdom. The stem is often decorated with fur, leather and feathers representing the animal kingdom. When the bowl and stem are joined together, that union is sacred.


The Pipe is used by humans to make their prayers to the Great Creator. The smoke carries the prayers to Great Spirit. Only organic Tobacco or a combination of lung-friendly herbs called Kinnikinnick are used in the pipe. The smoke is never inhaled, only brought into the mouth and blown out. During the Pipe Ceremony, it is best to focus on being centered as possible and remember that all of your thoughts and feelings during this time are part of the prayers being made.If the Pipe is passed to you when in Ceremony, you can smoke 1-2 puffs, or only hold it on your heart instead. Always be respectful.

If you get a "Calling from Spirit" to learn the Pipe, Wind Daughter provides Training when she feels that you are ready to take that step and commitment.


(Photographs and recordings are not allowed during this Ceremony. It is necessary to ask first, before taking photos or making recordings.

There never is a charge for Ceremony.)        


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If you have a Spiritual calling to the Sacred Pipeor are inspired to work with Grandmother Wind Daughter on a single, personal basis

at West Winds in Alabama, please contact Grandmother to discuss.

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